Projects, Secondment

BANDERCO is in international offshore contractor, and we offer a variety of project and maintenance services both onshore and offshore – anywhere in the world 

We are located in Denmark and Romania and have therefore both access to to offshore, marine and shipbuilding expertise as well as competitive advantages. 



Supervision, Engineering

We provide Project Management, Project Supervision and Project Engineering for any kind of modification-, refurbishment- and maintenance projects.

You can chose to let us deliver the entire project on EPC or EPC(M) basis, or you can involve us, when and where you see benefit in our support.

The benefits of good project management in terms of better safety and quality and reduced lead time and cost are significant, and for that reason we apply the industry’s best practices and we set the highest standard for employees competencies and training.


Managers, Supervisors, Specialists

We have highly competent technical staff that you can second on both short and long terms, and they are: Project Managers, Site Managers, Supervisors, Inspectors Discipline Engineers and Technicians, and have all solid backgrounds from: shipbuilding, offshore and marine.

They can work both onshore and offshore, and they work full time at your facilities or full time at our office in Constanta or any combination that suits you and your project.





We employ only the best people, and we apply the the industry’s best practices and deliver the best results.


We operate the leanest and most cost efficient set-up, and we let our clients benefit from our competitive advantages.


Being easy to work with is one of our core pricinples, and we never let bureaucracy burden our clients or slow us down.

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